Friday, May 6, 2022 at 23.00 in Ajdovščina

Distance: 106 km
Elevation:  5298 m + / 5286 m –
Time limit: 35 hours

 ITRA/UTMB Points: 5 WSER100 – 2023


CENTURION UTVV100 is an ITRA / UTMB / Western States 100 qualifying race. The 106 km trail running test is set in the valley, where in 394 one of the most important battles of the late Roman period took place, the Battle of the Cold River or the Battle of Frigid. The Battle of Frigid, also called the Battle of the River Frigid, took place between 5 and 6 September 394 between the army of the Eastern Emperor Theodosius I and the army of the Western Roman ruler Eugene. With Theodosius’ victory, the Roman Empire was united under one emperor for the last time in history. The victory of Theodosius also brought about the final religious domination of Christianity in Europe. But enough about history, we’d rather go for a run in nature, and we’ll make sure you learn a lot more about the stories from this famous battle … … and we’ll make sure you become a proud Roman Centurion after 106 km.


The start is in the center of Ajdovščina (106 m). Runners will first ascend to Kovk (961 m), from there along the edge of the Mountain to the highest point of the UTVV – Mali Golak (1495 m). The route continues past the hut on Čaven (1242 m), the hut on Mala Gora and descends across the Kucelj (1237 m) into the valley. It follows the beautiful views in the wine-growing places on the southern slopes of the Vipava Valley: Preserje – Sveti Martin – Planina – Goče to Socerb at the southern end of the valley. From Podnanos, the route ascends to the top of the Nanos plateau – Pleša (1262 m). From there, through the heart of Nanos, it descends into the valley to the finish line – in the center of Vipava. 



Super well organized! Lots of restore points, beautiful landscapes. The 106km race goes through mountains, valleys, wine yards, on single tracks, and just a minimum part of tarmac, great volunteers cheering you up calling your name! Do it!!






Marco Parice, Italy

Centurion, 100km

 Awesome race, awesome places, the nature, the mountains… so everything. The UTVV staff were also amazing. Thanks for the smiles 










Timi Losonc, Hungary

Centurion, 100km (2019 Winner)

A couple of days ago, 100km was just a number in my head… Thanks to YOU, dear volunteers and organizers, it is now the most testing activity I’ve done in my life. You were so friendly, kind and helpful along the course. Words are powerless to express my gratitude. Perfect marking, amazing nature, technical race (at least for me). Come on people, try it!

Kata Kertész, Hungary

Centurion, 100km




Registration by date
31.12.2021 28.2.2022 8.4.2022
Individuals 100 € 110 € 115 €



Aid Station Km Time limit Bag Transition
Vitovlje 42 12h, (11.00, Saturday) No
Preserje 54 16h, (15.00, Saturday) Yes
Podnanos 80 22h, (21.00, Saturday) Yes
Finish 106 35h, (10.00, Sunday) Yes


Aid Station – AS Km D+ cumulative Km from last AS D+ from last AS GPS coordinates
Ajdovščina 0 0 45.888738644002274, 13.904682933867894
Otlica 13 1014 12,7 1014 45.927630895218066, 13.910539454999205
Koča Golaki 23 1890 10,1 876 45.97584281590183, 13.853825141280868
Mala Gora 33 2253 9,8 363 45.92534, 13.84461
Vitovlje 42 2623 9,3 370 45.94078, 13.76771
Preserje 56 2930 13,6 250 45.86283, 13.80416
Lože 70 3431 14,2 501 45.82958, 13.93464
Podnanos 81 3968 11,0 537 45.79702, 13.97243
Nanos 90 5151 9,4 1183 45.77115, 14.05324
Abram 97 5280 6,8 129 45.81995, 14.01959
Vipava 107 5390 10,5 110 45.8461, 13.96224




  • Several refreshment stations are located along the trail (see trail profile) with water, energy drinks, sugar, fruit, light food, etc.
  • Drinks, light meals, and a warm meal will also be available for runners at the finish line.
  • The track has several checkpoints.



100 – Centurion 

BIB number always visible


Water bottle (camel bag, bottle, soft flask …)


Drinking Cup


Survival blanket


First aid (bandage, gauze, patch)


Wind jacket




Mobile phone


Headlamp with spare battery


Running shoes


Clothing suitable for winter conditions (from -3° C to 30° C), in case of strong wind (speed over 100 km/h)


Sun protection


Energy food


Running poles


+”  Mandatory gears

o“ Recommended gears

o* Mandatory for slower runners

The obligatory equipment shall be checked at the race number bibs collection. Race number won’t be given if something is missing. If the required equipment is not complete or is not shown by runner, immediate disqualification follows. Random checks shall be made along the race route.



Transport to the Start from Vipava (pick up main square in Vipava):

  • 100 – Centurionr: from Vipava (meeting point at main square) to Ajdovščina (start area)
  • Transport of runners who drop out at the control point to the finish area.
  • Transport of personal equipment and transition (100 – Centurion: transition to Preserje *S8 and Podnanos *S11 )​

There will be organized shuttles from Vipava to Ajdovščina.

For 100km (Centurion) on Friday, 6th of May at 22:15.

Organized shuttles are included in your registration fee. No need to pay extra fees.


  • personalized bib number including RFID time keeping-tag
  • starter pack with gifts
  • drop bags (transitions) for Emperor and Centurion race
  • finish bags (small bags) for all races, clothing bags will be transported from the start to the finish line in Vipava
  • aid stations with a variety of food, approximately every 12 km with drinks and food
  • showers and changing room facilities next to the finish area (may change due to Covid restrictions)
  • a hot meal in Vipava
  • massage service next to the finish area
  • roman medal of honor for all finisher at each race
  • medical first aid in the finish area and at specified aid stations
  • finisher’s certificate downloadable from the dedicated online repository
  • live timekeeping, interim times and results
  • a hot meal during the race in Podnanos
  • bus transfers form RACE HQ (Vipava) to all start areas



Any participant who has to cancel his participation in case of medical issue and would like to receive a refund has to officially request it by email at info@utratrail.si.

In case of a refund request due to medical issues, you will be asked for a medical certificate/proof.

Please bear in mind the following situations:


  • From the moment the registration is paid, the Organization agrees to return 90% of the amount paid by the runner (except bank expenses), if the non-participation is requested and communicated, before the 1st of December 2021.
  • From the 1st of December 2021 until the 28th of February 2022, 70% of the amount paid by the runner, shall be returned.
  • From the 1st of March until the 23th of April 2022, 50% of the amount paid by the runner, shall be returned​.
  • From the 24th of April on, no amount of money will be returned, no matter the reason why the runner does not finally take part in the race.
  • In the event that the runner does not participate in the race from 6th May to 8th May 2022, for whatever reason, the organization is not obliged to give any souvenir ( neither runner’s bag nor a commemorative T-shirt ) once the Ultra Trail Vipava Valley Slovenia 2022 is over.
  • The transfer of BIB numbers between competitors is possible until April 15, 2022


up to 35 years up to 35 years
36 – 55 years 36 – 55 years
over 55 let over 55 let


The first three in general category will be awarded trophies and prizes.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes.


Male Female
1. Jan Božič (SLO) – 12:18:48 Nina Frelih (SLO) -14:44:43
2. Pavle Kruljevac (CRO) – 12:43:22 Barbora Cichá (CZE) – 15:23:59
3. Matej Pečnik (SLO) – 12:53:49 Alenka Pavc (SLO) – 15:42:24
Male Female
1. Jon Lihteneger Vidmajer (SLO) – 13:05:47 Alenka Pavc (SLO) -16:22:17
2. Andraž Pogorevc (SLO) – 13:30:10 Martina Dvorakova (CZH) – 16:29:16
3. Claudio Camerotto (ITA) – 15:08:00 Martina Poelzelbauer (AUT) – 18:21:26
Male Female
1. Luca Manfredi Negri (ITA) – 12:25:38 Timea Losonc (HUN) -16:40:28
2. Aljoša Smolnikar (SLO) –  13:19:45 Urša Trobec (SLO) – 18:26:17
3. Tilen Potočnik (SLO) – 13:25:35 Eva Toth (HUN) – 19:02:50
  Male Female
1. Jan Božič (SLO) – 12:34:27 Alenka Pavc (SLO) – 15:49:33
2. Álvaro Rodríguez Barreiro (ESP)-  13:04:13 Anita Szimandl (HUN) – 16:48:40
3. Andi Mamić (SLO) – 13:12:18 Marzka Janerka (POL) – 18:08:10
  Male Female
1. Marjan Zupančič (SLO) – 11:16:56 Žana Andreeva (SLO) – 15:10:18
2. Anže Šenk (SLO) –  11:18:20 Nataša Robnik (SLO) – 15:31:03
3. Alen Božič (SLO)  – 12:58:43 Judit Szabó (HUN) – 15:48:11
  Male Female
1. Toni Vencelj (SLO) – 12:08:52 Klara Bajec (SLO) – 17:32:36
2. Marjan Zupančič (SLO) –  12:18:43 Marija Trontelj (SLO) – 17:57:12
3. Tilen Potočnik (SLO) – 12:19:05 Ivan Hrastovec (SLO) –  12:19:05 Katja Drobež (SLO) – 19:07:28
  Male Female
1. Marjan Zupančič (SLO) – 13:34:53 Ajda Radinja (SLO) – 14:09:05
2. Peter Žnidarič (SLO) –  13:43:36 Katja Kegl (SLO) – 15:52:50
3. Dejan Grm (SLO) – 13:48:28 Meta Dagarin (SLO) – 16:47:32


Marjan Zupančič (SLO)

Marjan Zupančič (SLO)

11:16:56 (2017)

Ajda Radinja (SLO)

Ajda Radinja (SLO)

14:09:05 (2015)