Saturday, 7 May 2022
at 10.00
in Vipava

Distance: 32 km
Elevation: 1349 m + / 1349 m –

Time limit: /




UTVV30 starts in Vipava  and follows the dirth path by villages Manče, Podraga to Podnanos and continues with steep ascends the southern edge of the plateau Nanos. The trail continues along picturesque and lookout edge to the highest point Pleša at 1262 m. Runners continue through the forest in the heart of Nanos to a beautiful descent to the Valley towards the finish line in Vipava.


Legionar UTVV30 is placed in the area where the Battle of the Frigidus, also called the Battle of the Frigid River (river Vipava and Hubelj), was fought between 5–6 September 394, between the army of the Eastern Emperor Theodosius I and the army of Western Roman ruler Eugenius.

But enough about history, let`s go running, and you will find out many more about this important battle soon…

…and you will become true legionar when you finish this race!



Thank you for this amazing event; the organisation was excellent and the staff was very friendly and professional. I loved my experience.
You guys rock!!!













Tisa Bocun (Canada)

Legionar, 30km

What a great race!
My girlfriend and I ran the 25K and had a wonderful time. The course is challenging but very well marked and offers great views. There are plenty of aid stations with a good variety of drinks and snacks.
To top it all off, we got a bottle of wine and a t-shirt when we picked up our race packets.
I would definitely run this race again.







Andrej Zalar, SLO

Legionar, 30km

No doubt that Vipava Ultra was an amazing race on the paper and that was matched 100% by reality! With a group of 8 we travelled from Switzerland and in 2019 we will be back with a larger group! Our compliments to Bostian (race director) and its team! A special thanks to Slovenian People for caring so much about their beautiful Homeland! Thanks to all supporters along the race track! Nothing to complain about… a race that will grow up very fast and happy to have it s partner event! GREAT JOB. Hvala. Aaron Rezzonico, Organizer of Scenic Trail Switzerland.

Aaron Rezzonico (Switzerland) - Race Director at Scenic Trail

Legionar, 30km




Registration by date 31.12.2021 28.2.2022 8.4.2022
Individuals 45 € 50 € 55 €



  • No time limits

Name of the Aid Station Station number Km from start Km between Aid stations GPS coordinates
Vipava Štart 30 0 0 45.84586870146601, 13.962330054426024
Podnanos S11 (6 km) 6.5 6.5 45.79702, 13.97243
Nanos S12 (17,5 km) 17.5 11 45.77115, 14.05324
Abram S13 (23 km) 24.5 7 45.81995, 14.01959
Vipava Finish (30 km) 31.5 7 45.8461, 13.96224





  • Several refreshment stations are located along the trail (see trail profile) with water, energy drinks, sugar, fruit, light food, etc.
  • Drinks, light meals, and a warm meal will also be available for runners at the finish line.
  • The track has several checkpoints.


30 – Legionar

BIB number always visible


Water bottle (camel bag, bottle, soft flask …)


Survival blanket


First aid (bandage, gauze, patch)


Wind jacket




Mobile phone


Headlamp with spare battery


Running shoes


Clothing suitable for winter conditions (from -3° C to 30° C), in case of strong wind (speed over 100 km/h)


Sun protection


Energy food


Running poles


+”  Mandatory gears

o“ Recommended gears

o* Mandatory for slower runners

The obligatory equipment shall be checked at the race number bibs collection. Race number won’t be given if something is missing. If the required equipment is not complete or is not shown by runner, immediate disqualification follows. Random checks shall be made along the race route.


  • Transport of runners who drop out at the control point to the finish area.


  • personalized bib number including RFID time keeping-tag
  • starter pack with gifts
  • finish bags (small bags) for all races, clothing bags will be transported from the start to the finish line in Vipava
  • aid stations with a variety of food, approximately every 12 km with drinks and food
  • showers and changing room facilities next to the finish area
  • a hot meal in Vipava
  • massage service next to the finish area
  • roman medal of honor for all finisher at each race
  • medical first aid in the finish area and at specified aid stations
  • finisher’s certificate downloadable from the dedicated online repository
  • live timekeeping, interim times and results


Any participant who has to cancel his participation in case of medical issue and would like to receive a refund has to officially request it by email at info@utratrail.si


Please bear in mind the following situations:


  • From the moment the registration is paid, the Organization agrees to return 90% of the amount paid by the runner (except bank expenses), if the non-participation is requested and communicated, before the 1st of December 2021.
  • From the 1st of December 2021 until the 12th of February 2022, 70% of the amount paid by the runner, shall be returned.
  • From the 12th of February until the 30th of March 2022, 50% of the amount paid by the runner, shall be returned​.
  • From the 1st of April on, no amount of money will be returned, no matter the reason why the runner does not finally take part in the race.
  • In the event that the runner does not participate in the race on the 7th May 2022, for whatever reason, the organization is not obliged to give any souvenir ( neither runner’s bag nor a commemorative T-shirt ) once the Ultra Trail Vipava Valley Slovenia 2022 is over.


up to 35 years up to 35 years
36 to 55 years 36 to 55 years
over 55 years over 55 years


The first three in general category will be awarded trophies and prizes.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes.


Male Female
1. Jošt Lapajne (SLO) – 2:29:57 Lucija Krkoč (SLO) – 2:54:37
2. Luka Kovačič (SLO) –  2:38:55 Katja Kegl Vencelj (SLO) – 3:12:36
3. Aleš Žontar (SLO) – 2:40:04 Barbara Trunkelj (SLO) – 3:18:03
Male Female
1. Aleš Žontar (SLO) – 2:22:06 Mojca Koligar (SLO) – 2:46:43
2. Marko Tratnik (SLO)  –  2:25:34 Barbara Trunkelj (SLO) – 2:55:57
3. Tommy Manning (SWZ) – 2:34:39 Petra Tratnik (SLO) – 2:59:57
Male Female
1. Aleš Žontar (SLO) – 2:02:12 Tamara Čelesnik (SLO) – 2:40:30
2. Simon Strnad (SLO) –  2:05:18 Ida Parisi (ITA) – 2:59:08
3. Matic Čačulovič (SLO)  – 2:05:30 Marija Turšič (SLO) – 3:00:34
Male Female
1. Aleš Štor (SLO) – 2:07:14 Lucija Krkoč (SLO) – 2:10:51
2. Miha Juvan (SLO) –  2:09:22 Blažka Panjtar (SLO) – 2:43:04

Rok Planinc (SLO) – 2:19:46

Žiga Gradišar (SLO) – 2:19:46

Jana Piculin (SLO) – 2:46:48
Male Female
1. Miha Juvan (SLO) – 2:12:36 Jana Bratina (SLO) – 2:16:29
2. Aleš Štor (SLO) –  2:13:40 Veronika Krečič (SLO) – 2:47:30
3. Boštjan Pintar (SLO) – 2:13:45 Luisa Conforto (ITA) – 2:58:23


Aleš Žontar (SLO)

Aleš Žontar (SLO)

2:02:12 (2017)

Lucija Krkoč (SLO)

Lucija Krkoč (SLO)

2:10:51 (2016)