This is Gladiator 60km.

The challenge you’ve been waiting for

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The Gladiator – UTVV 60 km route runs from the center of Ajdovščina, along the paved path along Hubelj River towards the southern wine-growing hills, where, ascending from Dolenje, passes the scenic church of Sv. Marjeta, climbs to the Planina plateau and joins the existing Emperor route at the Guerila estate. The descent to the village of Slap follows, and in a gentle ascent it crosses Lože (1st aid station), the picturesque village of Goče, and in a light descent, it reaches the village of Podraga. The first serious ascent of Socerb warms up the runners for the famous 1,000-meter climb to the top of Nanos (1,262 m), which follows the stop in Podnanos. From there, it descends again through the heart of Nanos, past the Abram Tourist Farm and the chapel above the avalanche, and down into the valley, where runners are greeted by a rich aid station on the Main Square in Vipava. After a short flat section, there is a small ascent past the village of Budanje and the crossing of the southern slopes of Angelska Gora along the paved Roman path. It enters Ajdovščina at the famous Hubelj spring and continues on its way to the end in the city center via the Škol hill.

The UTVV ultramarathon challenge is set in the valley where one of the most important battles of the late Roman period, The Battle of the Frigidus, also called the Battle of the Frigid River, took place in 394. The battle was fought between 5 and 6 September 394 between the army of the Eastern Emperor Theodosius I and the army of the Western Roman ruler Eugenius. With Theodosius’ victory, the Roman Empire was united under one emperor for the last time in history. Also, the victory of Theodosius brought the final religious dominance of Christianity in Europe.




Registration by date Price
31.10.22 60€
31.12.2022 65€
28.2.2023 75€
14.4.2023 85€


Group registration

Number of people Discount
5 or more 5%
15 or more 7%
25 or more 10%




  • Finish – Ajdovščina, 18 hours (at 01.00 – Sunday)


Aid Station – AS Km Km from last AS
Ajdovščina 0 0
Lože 11,2 11,2
Podnanos 21,6 10,4
Nanos 31,5 9,9
Vipava 47 15,5
Ajdovščina 59 12




  • Several refreshment stations are located along the trail (see trail profile) with water, energy drinks, sugar, fruit, light food, etc.
  • Drinks, light meals, and a warm meal will also be available for runners at the finish line.
  • The track has several checkpoints.


60 – Gladiator

BIB number always visible


Water bottle (camel bag, bottle, soft flask …)


Drinking Cup


Survival blanket


First aid (bandage, gauze, patch)


Wind jacket




Mobile phone


Headlamp with spare battery


Running shoes


Clothing suitable for winter conditions (from -3° C to 30° C), in case of strong wind (speed over 100 km/h)


Sun protection


Energy food


Running poles


+”  Mandatory gears

o“ Recommended gears

o* Mandatory for slower runners

The obligatory equipment shall be checked at the race number bibs collection. Race number won’t be given if something is missing. If the required equipment is not complete or is not shown by runner, immediate disqualification follows. Random checks shall be made along the race route.


  • Transport of runners who drop out at the control point / aid station to the finish area.


One of the best events and races where i have been and done it :)) happy, kind and very nice people all around ❤ … Thank you so much and hope we will come again next year 😘 I think, I can say this from all of us from Czech Republic and Slovakia crew 😘









Petra Curinova (Czech Republic)

Gladiator, 50km

I ran the 50k as my first ultra and I couldn’t ask for a better race for it to be my first. The organisation of the race was one of if not the best I’ve seen, all the way from buying entry to post race. The volunteers were great – from the Roman soldiers and cheer leaders to all the people manning the aid stations made the experience even better. In terms of the 50k route, it was a beautiful route, consisting of mostly trails with some road. Big thanks to everyone that contributed to making it a great race!

Jack Edward Lancefield (United Kindom)

Gladiator, 50km

I would like to thank all the people on the aid stations and the organizer. This was one of the best organized races I did. Good marking of the track, friendly people all over, helpful, the food on the stations perfect. I could really enjoy the race. Thank you!









Martina Kirschner-Trimmel (Austria)

Gladiator, 50km - 2017 - 2nd place

When I accidentally stumbled upon the promotional video, I knew it was a race I wanted to do. I’ve visited Slovenia a number of times in the past, and I thought this would be a cool way to experience this beautiful region.

I was not let down! I throughly enjoyed the race, it was well organized, well marked beautiful course, fantastic volunteers! I experienced so much kindness and beauty!

When I was on top of Nanos, I had to stop for a few minutes as I was in total awe!

I didn’t end up “racing”, instead, I took my sweet time and took lots of photos that will remind me of wonderful memories. I would most definitely recommend this race to any of my friends! From the bottom of my heart, all I can say is hvala, hvala, hvala!

Agnes Jung (Canada)

Gladiator, 50km

From the day I entered in South Africa, Bostjan was available to communicate via telephone regarding payment options, all went smoothly, registration was festive as well as the start of the 52km. The route was technical, but do able, I will even brave Nanos again, but o my word that last 2kms! I would have loved that to be a gravel road. Having said all that, I will be back next year in a heart beat and this time with hiking poles.










Maruanda Wynne (South Africa)

Gladiator, 50km


  • personalized bib number including RFID time keeping-tag
  • starter pack with gifts
  • drop bags (transitions) for Emperor and Centurion race
  • finish bags (small bags) for all races, transition bags will be transported back to finish line in Ajdovščina
  • aid stations with a variety of food, approximately every 12 km with drinks and food
  • showers and changing room facilities next to the finish area
  • a hot meal in Ajdovščina
  • massage service next to the finish area
  • roman medal of honor for all finisher at each race
  • medical first aid in the finish area and at specified aid stations
  • finisher’s certificate downloadable from the dedicated online repository
  • live timekeeping, interim times and results
  • a hot meal during the race in Otlica (Emperor and Centurion), Renče (Emperor) and Preserje (Centurion)
  • pick up each runner that drops out at aid stations


Please click the link to learn more: https://ultratrail.si/rules-and-registration/



up to 35 years up to 35 years
36 to 55 years 36 to 55 years
over 55 years over 55 years


The first three in general category will be awarded trophies and prizes.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes.


Male Female
1. Marko Tratnik (SLO) – 4:40:04 Petra Tratnik (SLO) – 5:03:37
2. Aleš Žontar (SLO) – 04:42:14 Martina Potrč (SLO) – 05:19:13
3. Marjan Zupančič (SLO) – 04:47:45 Anja Zima (SLO) – 05:57:05
Male Female
1. Marko Tratnik (SLO) – 4:34:01 Petra Tratnik (SLO) 04:56:57
2. Janez Klančnik (SLO) – 04:43:01 Martina Potrč (SLO) – 05:14:35
3. Donatello Rota (ITA) – 04:48:20 Barbora Cichá (CZE) – 05:50:35
Male Female
1. Marko Tratnik (SLO) – 4:37:57 Petra Tratnik (SLO) – 5:00:22
2. Matic Čačulovič (SLO) –  4:52:07 Ana Čufer (SLO) – 5:28:10
3. Missud Bastien (AUS) – 4:59:51 Nataša Robnik (SLO) – 5:56:50
Male Female
1. Anže Sobočan (SLO) – 5:01:57 Ajda Radinja (SLO) – 5:25:45
2. Matic Čačulovič (SLO)  –  5:15:10 Sara Trevisan (ITA) – 6:16:45
3. Anže Šenk (SLO) – 5:17:37 Vesna Dolenc (SLO) – 6:27:22
Male Female
1. Marko Tratnik (SLO) – 4:27:10 Petra Tratnik (SLO) – 4:51:10
2. Janez Justin ml. (SLO) –  4:49:24 Martina Trimmel (AUT) – 5:32:48
3. Sylvain Vouillamoz (FRA)  – 4:56:36 Mojca Koligar (SLO) – 5:48:03
Male Female
1. Marko Tratnik (SLO) – 4:16:54 Katja Kegl Vencelj (SLO) – 5:38:28
2. Tomaž Ferjančič (SLO) –  4:49:09 Zana Andreeva (SLO) – 5:54:46

Janez Justin Ml. (SLO) – 4:52:04

Petra Vladimirov (SLO) – 6:03:49
Male Female
1. Ivan Blečić (CRO) – 5:07:50 Mojca Kermavnar (SLO) – 5:37:38
2. Mitja Volčanšek (SLO) –  5:12:50 Mihaela Tušar (SLO) – 5:57:08
3. Aljoša Smolnikar (SLO) – 5:15:43 Zhanna Andreeva (SLO) – 6:03:43


Marko Tratnik (SLO)

Marko Tratnik (SLO)

4:16:54 (2016)

Petra Tratnik (SLO)

Petra Tratnik (SLO)

4:51:10 (2017)