Castra run – 11km

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The run for adults on the 11th kilometer will start at 6:30 p.m. in front of the Ajdovščina Sports Center. The course is designed so that the participant feels the beauty of nature, surrounded by mountains, and touches the old historical center with preserved Roman walls. Runners will climb the asphalt and forest path all the way to the source of the Hubelj river. The end of the 10,800-meter-long course and the 150-meter difference in height will be in front of the Ajdovščina Sports Center.




Registration by date Price
31.12.2022 30€
28.2.2023 35€
14.4.2023 40€


Group registration

Number of people Discount
5 or more 5%
15 or more 7%
25 or more 10%




  • No time limits





  • One refreshment station is located along the trail (see trail profile) with water, energy drinks, sugar, fruit, light food, etc.
  • Drinks, light meals, and a warm meal will also be available for runners at the finish line.


11 – Castra Run

BIB number always visible


Water bottle (camel bag, bottle, soft flask …)


Drinking Cup


Survival blanket


First aid (bandage, gauze, patch)


Wind jacket




Mobile phone


Headlamp with spare battery


Running shoes


Clothing suitable for winter conditions (from -3° C to 30° C), in case of strong wind (speed over 100 km/h)


Sun protection


Energy food


Running poles


+”  Mandatory gears

o“ Recommended gears

o* Mandatory for slower runners

The obligatory equipment shall be checked at the race number bibs collection. Race number won’t be given if something is missing. If the required equipment is not complete or is not shown by runner, immediate disqualification follows. Random checks shall be made along the race route.


  • Transport of runners who drop out at the control point to the finish area.

Thank you for this amazing event; the organisation was excellent and the staff was very friendly and professional. I loved my experience.
You guys rock!!!

Tisa Bocun (Canada)

Legionar, 30km

Awesome race, awesome places, the nature, the mountains… so everything. The UTVV staff were also amazing. Thanks for the smiles 

Timi Losonc, Hungary

Centurion, 100km (2019 winner)

The people, the nature with the beautiful trails, the organization with their volunteers…. they create an unique atmosphere during the whole event..!
Love to go back again ❤️
Thanks and greetings!

Chris Van Beem, Holland

Emperor, 100 miles

Nice trails and scenery, perfectly marked course, it was a pleasure to run the 30k yesterday!

Barbara Conrad (Switzerland)

Legionar, 30km

One of the best events and races where i have been and done it ) happy, kind and very nice people all around  … Thank you so much and hope we will come again next year  I think, I can say this from all of us from Czech Republic and Slovakia crew 

[In May 2018, Petra went to Slovenia to run on UTVV. There she met her husband and they got married 11 months later.]

Petra Curinova (Czech Republic)

Gladiator, 50km

I would like to thank all the people on the aid stations and the organizer. This was one of the best organized races I did. Good marking of the track, friendly people all over, helpful, the food on the stations perfect. I could really enjoy the race. Thank you!

Martina Kirschner-Trimmel (Austria)

Gladiator, 50km - 2017 - 2nd place


  • personalized bib number including RFID time keeping-tag
  • starter pack with gifts
  • showers and changing room facilities next to the finish area
  • a hot meal in Ajdovščina
  • roman medal of honor for all finisher at each race
  • medical first aid in the finish area and at specified aid stations
  • finisher’s certificate downloadable from the dedicated online repository
  • live timekeeping, interim times and results
  • pick up each runner that drops out at aid stations


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Male Female
A From 18 to 29 (2005-1994) A From 18 to 29 (2005-1994)
B From 30 to 39 (1993-1994) B From 30 to 39 (1993-1994)
C From 40 to 49 (1983-1974) C From 40 to 49 (1983-1974)
D From 40 to 49 (1983-1974) D From 40 to 49 (1983-1974)
E From 60 and up (from 1963) E From 60 and up (from 1963)


The first three in general category will be awarded trophies and prizes.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes.