date: 15.05.2020

  UTVV Live - Grafike-2.jpg    

Go live - 16 May 2020 - 18:00


If we can’t physically organize the race, we will organize it virtually and GO LIVE from tomorrow on (May 15-17) we are preparing a virtual UTVV race within Alpe Adria Trail Cup for you!

But we are preparing more, we will go LIVE on Saturday at 18.00 where we will present you highlights of our past events, memories, movies, interesting photos, we will connect with our partners from other countries and ask him about the situation abroad. You will be also introduced in AATC virtual challenges we plan to launch from June till October Not to forget, we partnered with a charity organization and will raise the foundation for a family who lost their home due to fire in the spring. More info will be given soon by our channels and mails as well during Live Streaming.