MAY / 6-8 / 2022

Vipava valley – Slovenia – Europe

New dimensions of trail running



Ultra Trail Vipava Valley is the first ultra trail in Slovenia. It starts in Castra in Ajdovščina, in an old Roman Fort. The trail leads you through the most breathtaking views over Golak and Čaven. It goes through vineyards, small local villages, passes river Hubelj and Vipava.
In the end there is epic ascend on Mount Nanos, offering views from Julian Alps to Trieste Gulf.
UTVV has 6 different distances: 160km, 106km, 51km, 30km, 13km and non competive Hike and Wine.

With runners coming from over 30 countries all over the world, we believe that Ultra Trail Vipava Valley is the trail for you.





160 km


7000m +/-

ITRA / UTMB: 6 points

WSER100 – 2022


106 km


4800m +/-

ITRA / UTMB: 5 points

WSER100 – 2022


50 km


2300m +/-

ITRA / UTMB: 3 points



32 km


1350m +/-

ITRA / UTMB: 2 points



13 km


300m +/-




Hike & Wine


100m +/-





Andreu Simon Aymerich #10

Andreu Simon Aymerich #10

Name and surname: ANDREU SIMON AYMERICH⁣ Nickname: ANDREUSIMON⁣ Age: 29⁣ Town where you live: COLLBATO⁣ ITRA: 892⁣ ⁣ When did you start running and why?⁣ When I was 17 years old, doctor told me than I was diabetic. It caused me a lot of frustation and disappointment....

Ruth Croft #9

Ruth Croft #9

First name and last name: Ruth Croft ⁣ Nickname: Crofty ⁣ Age: 32⁣ Residence: New Zealand ⁣ Running Club: adidas TERREX & Garmin⁣ ITRA points: 797⁣ ⁣ Ruth gave us an amazing interview on International Women's Day on 8/3 as an excellent inspiration to other women⁣...

Alex Baldaccini #8

Alex Baldaccini #8

Name and surname: Alex Baldaccini Age: 33 Town where you live: San Giovanni Bianco I'm a person who is passionate about many activities in addition to running and mountains. For instance, I enjoy photography and travelling to discoverd new places around the world. I'm...


Ultra Trail Vipava Valley is a proud partner of the Alpe Adria Trail Cup in 2021.

Alpe Adria Trail Cup connects the best trail running events in our region. In 2021, AATC opens a new championship in ULTRA and TRAIL categories, which covers distances from 20 km to 170 km and is based on the ITRA certificate point system, 1 – 6 points.

AATC TRAIL and ULTRA champions will receive a big prize fund by winning the first three positions in general categories and segments. By participating in all three events, all runners also receive special gifts and sponsor awards.

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