RACE GUIDE  UTVV Slovenia 2021



At the link below you can access a race guide with all the important information about the race.


All important information can be found  in short brief of important information for the upcoming weekend:


Bib distribution – Vipava, Glavni Trg 1:


Friday 29.10. from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Saturday 30.10. from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.


Recommended pick-ups by distance.


  • Friday 29.10. to 16.00.

Emperor, Centurion, Gladiator, (Legionar)


  • Friday 29.10. to 21.00

Centurion, Gladiator, Legionar, Asterix


  • Saturday 30.10. to 7.00

Gladiator (only exceptionally, who really can’t take over on Friday – there are 330 runners at the start and if you are late due to taking over the number, we are not responsible for the delay at the start at 8.00 in Vipavski Križ).

  • Saturday 30.10. to 9.00


  • Saturday 30.10. to 10.00

Asterix in Obelix



Emperor – 29.10. at 19.00 in Ajdovščina – Lavričev trg

Centurion – 29.10. at 23.30. in Ajdovščina – Lavričev trg

Gladiator – 30.10. at 8.00 – Vipavski Križ

Legionar – 30.10. at 10.00 – Main Square Vipava

Asterix – 30.10. at 10.30 – Main Square Vipava

Obelix – 30.10. at 11.00 – Main Square Vipava


Departure of buses:


29.10. at 18.15 – Main Square Vipava


29.10. at 22.45 – Main Square Vipava


30.10. at 07.15 –  Main Square Vipava


GPS and timing

Emperor in Centurion

At the pick-up, you will receive start numbers with an integrated timing chip – there will be automatic time-catching antennas on the route

GPS trackers – upon receipt, you will receive a GPS device that you place correctly on your backpack – you will receive installation instructions by e-mail this week. There will also be technical staff at the pick-up, who will give you accurate information about the operation of the GPS tracker.



By accepting a GPS tracker, you assume the responsibility to return the tracker to the organizer in the same condition as you took it. In case of non-return of the GPS tracker, we will charge you for the cost of 150 € – please pay special attention to the return of the GPS tracker.


COVID restrictions

Due to COVID restrictions, we can organize the UTVV Slovenia running event only in accordance with the restrictions set by the NIJZ (state authority).

The PCT (3G – green pass) rule applies to the entire event – meaning that the event is open to runners and spectators who meet one of the 3 required conditions:

  • a valid COVID 19 vaccination certificate
  • a valid recovered COVID 19 certificate
  • a valid negative test for COVID 19.

Before entering the BIB distribution area, the security service of the organizer will check the 3G condition. All participants who demonstrate the required condition will receive a bracelet to access the event area.


Mandatory and recommended gears

Due to the fall period, there will be additional mandatory gear by distances as follows:


Emperor and Centurion

  • long-sleeved, termovelur shirt (warm protection)
  • long trousers (warm protection)
  • buff or cap head that cover head with warm protection
  • light down jacket (start for all) and at station S11 (all who enter station after 16:00 on Saturday 30.10.2021)

Gladiator, Legionar (depends on the weather forecast and will be confirmed on the race briefing)


  • long-sleeved, termovelur shirt (warm protection)
  • long trousers (warm protection)
  • buff or cap head that cover head with warm protection

Gear – check will be performed at the bib distribution as well at the start of each distance.


 Time Limits


S4 – Vitovlje – 12h at 7.00 Saturday

S6 – Renče – 22h at 17.00 Saturday

S11 – Podnanos – 39h at 8.00 Sunday

Finish – Vipava – 46h at 16.00 Sunday


S4 – Vitovlje – 12h at 11.30 Saturday

S11 – Podnanos – 22h at 21.30 Saturday

Finish – Vipava – 35h at 09.30 Sunday


Finish – Vipava – 15h at 23.00 Saturday


Friday, 29 OKTOBER
08:00 – 22:00 BIBs pick up (UTVV160/100/50/30) – Vipava Cultural hall, Vipava (Glavni trg 15, 5271 Vipava)
08:00 – 21:00 EXPO UTVV2021 – Vipava Vipava, Main Square
18:15 Bus transfer to the start of Emperor UTVV160 Vipava, Main Square
19:00 Emperor UTVV160 start – Ajdovščina – Lavričev trg, 5270 Ajdovščina Lavričev trg, Ajdovščina
20:00 Presentation: 1000 kilometers for charity by Špela Šavs Cultural hall, Vipava (Glavni trg 15, 5271 Vipava)
22:45 Bus transfer to the start of Centurion – UTVV100 Vipava, Main Square
23:30 Centurion UTVV 100 start – Ajdovščina – Lavričev trg Lavričev trg, Ajdovščina
Saturday, 30 October
06:00 – 10:00 BIBs pick up (UTVV 50/30/13) – Vipava Cultural hall, Vipava (Glavni trg 15, 5271 Vipava)
07:00 Bus transfer to the start of Gladiator – UTVV50 Vipava, Main Square
08:00 – 21:00 EXPO UTVV2021 – Vipava Vipava, Main Square
7:00 – 9:30 BIBs pick up UTVV 30 – Vipava Cultural hall, Vipava
08:00 Gladiator – UTVV50 start – Vipavski križ Vipavski Križ
10:00 Legionar – UTVV30 start – Vipava Vipava, Main Square
10:30 Asterix – UTVV 13 start – Vipava Vipava, Main Square
11:00 Obelix – UTVV 8 start – Vipava Vipava, Main Square
From 12:00 Winners arrivals (UTVV 13/30/50/100/160) Vipava, Main Square
19:00 Award ceremony (Gladiator, Legionar, Asterix) Vipava, Main Square
19:00 – 24:00 Cheering in the finish area UTVV160/100/50 Vipava, Main Square
Sunday, 31 October
11:00 Award ceremony (Emperor and Centurion) Vipava, Main Square (Glavni trg 15, 5271 Vipava)
16:00 Finish of the race UTVV Slovenia 2021 Vipava, Main Square