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Receiver: Alpe Adria Adventurers d.o.o.     
Adress: Gozd 4, 5273 Col , Slovenia
IBAN SI56 1010 0005 7006 992

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Sport HG Climatherm

The Pro Line HG range of products has been developed using Climatherm, a thermo-regulating clothing that is ideal for any sport. It offers comfort and adapts to the body during exercise.

HG dry: expels perspiration and causes its evaporation, keeping the body dry at all times.
HG odor: antibacterial, anti-allergic, prevents bad body odour
HG 3D: maximum adaptability and comfort
HG THERMOREG: thermo-regulator. Maintains the body temperature stable.
HG PERFORMANCE: reduces the concentration of lactic acid, thus improving blood circulation and cell oxygenation

Products: T-shirt, leggings, shorts, hair band