Entry fees 2018

Registrations & payments

23. 4. 2018

UTVV30 35 €
UTVV50 60 €
100UTVV - individuals 90 €
100UTVV - teams (3 members) 120 €

Payments to the organizer

Športno društvo TURA, Ulica Gradnikove brigade 15, 5271 Vipava, Slovenia
TRR: SI56 6400 0940 1040 482 (Hranilnica Vipava d.d.), BIC SWIFT: HKVI SI 22
VAT: 41506081

Purpose: “T30 / T50 / 100UTVV name family name"


On website (, no later than 23. 4. 2018 or up to the full limit of 400 paid applications in each category. Registration is confirmed when the fee is paid to the Organizer’s bank account. The applications will be considered by received payment order. Cancellation is possible only with a valid medical certificate. The transition between categories is possible until 30. 4. 2018 whereby the difference in the amount of entry fee is not returned.

Entry fee includes:

  • Practical prize
  • Refreshments on the trail with drinks and snacks
  • Time tracking
  • Hot meal and a drink after the race,
  • Showers at the finish area,
  • Provided medical and rescue service,
  • All race transportations: (100UTVV, UTVV50, UTVV30):
    • 100UTVV: Vipava – Ajdovščina, and
    • UTVV50: Vipava – Vipavski Križ
    • UTVV30: Vipava – Goče
    • From the meeting point area to the start area (on Saturday)
    • Relay teams to and from first and second change point
    • Transport of runners who drop out at the control point to the finish area
  • BIB number
  • bag for personal equipment and transition (100UTVV – transition to Batuje, K8/O5)

Rules 100UTVV

General terms and conditions of the competition

  • Each competes at its own responsibility.
  • Runners should have prior experience in trail running, they should not have vertigo, and should be physically well prepared.
  • Runners under the age of 18 years cannot compete at 100UTVV and T50 due to the extreme difficulty of the race. Runners younger than 14 years cannot compete at the T30.
  • The race is carried out in all weather conditions unless the safety of the runners is at risk (extreme storm …). In such case Organising Committee is going to decide on backup trail or cancellation of the race.
  • The trail will be marked in a way that it will ensure that the runners will not have to deal with the orientation (e.g. strips, plates, flags …). The race staff and the volunteers will be present at all key points to help and direct the runners.
  • All runners must comply with the marked path. Any use of shortcuts and running out of the marked path shall be punished with immediate disqualification.
  • If a runner does not see any markings for more than 200 m, he or she has to return to the last marking and re-check the possibility of continuing.
  • If the marks are highly deficient or missing, runners have to report that at the nearest checkpoint.
  • All runners must have required obligatory equipment.
  • A runner may voluntarily withdraw from the race at the checkpoints or refreshment stations. The withdrawal must be immediately communicated to the organiser (Contact on the BIB number).

Mandatory equipment





BIB number always visible + + +
Full water container (camel bag, bottle …) so that provides the runner with water between two checkpoints + o o
survival blanket/ heatsheet + o /
wind jacket + o o
whistle + o /
mobile phone (running and muted) + o /
headlamp with spare batteries + o* /
suitable running shoes + + +
clothing suitable for bad weather in mountain areas (from -3° C to 30° C), and in the case of strong wind (exceeds 100 km/h) o o o
sun protection o o o
energy food o o o
walking or skiing poles o o o

Required equipment is marked with “+” recommended equipment is marked with “o“.
* Required for slower runners.

Check-up of mandatory equipment may be at the start, or at any time along the trail. If the mandatory equipment is incomplete or a competitor does not show it, the disqualification follows. A competitor may wear the equipment or has it stowed in a backpack (bag …).

In the case of a bad weather forecast, the organiser retains the right to impose additional mandatory equipment for the safety of the contestants not later than one day before the event.

Equipment transition (only 100UTVV)

Upon receipt of BIB numbers the runners can get a designated bag for personal equipment.

The runners can retrieve a bag with personal equipment

  • at the checkpoint at the middle of the track in Batuje (K8 / O5, 51.5 km – half trail)
  • or at the finish line.

The bag must be submitted at start area on Saturday one hour before the start.

The organiser will transfer the bags with personal equipment to K8 and/or to the finish line.

Penalties and prohibitions

  • Failure to follow the marked trail and use of shortcuts (the trail has marked and hidden checkpoints). Each runner must be recorded at all checkpoints.
  • Incomplete mandatory equipment (organiser may at any time verify if the runner has all the mandatory equipment). Each runner must have and must show the mandatory equipment, if asked to do so.
  • Disposal of trash on the trail and next to it.
  • Use of transport during the race.
  • Failing to aid another competitor in trouble.
  • Insults or threats to the organiser or to a volunteer.
  • Avoidance of a medical examination at the trail.
  • Proceeding after the time limit has been reached.
  • All of the above violations and prohibitions are punishable by disqualification
  • Disqualification can be immediate, or upon the detection of the irregularity.

Time Limits





Vitovlje – St. Mary,
K7 / O8 – 44 km
10 hours
until 16:00, Saturday
/ /
Štjak, 78 km
O8 – 78 km
21 hours
Up to 3:00, Sunday
/ /
The finish
Camping Tura
35 hours
until 17:00, Sunday
15 hours
until 23:00, Saturday

The runners must arrive to the checkpoint and to the finish within the time limit. If a runner arrives at the checkpoint after the time limit, he or she is automatically disqualified, and the organiser arranges transport for the runner to the finish. The runner is also disqualified if he/she does not arrive at the finish before the time limit.

The last runner on the trail is “broom”, who provides that no runner does not fall behind and accompanies if runners to the next checkpoint necessary.

Refreshment & checkpoints

The trail has several refreshment stations and checkpoints. At refreshment stations, the runners can get drinks and food and fill their bottles with liquid to continue running. The runners can throw off their waste only at the checkpoints and snack bars.

Medical treatment

Whenever the medical staff assesses that a runner is no longer able to continue the race they can stop competitor and take care. In a case of violations, the competitor may be disqualified.

Photo documentation

The runners agree to use of photo and video material recorded during the race for promotional purposes by the organiser.


Runners are participating the race at their own risk. The organiser assumes no liability for injury or damage caused to the equipment. By attending the race, the runner agrees to all rules and consequences that apply to the event.


All complaints must be submitted within half an hour after the arrival of the runner to the finish in writing with a deposit of € 50. The appeal is going be examined and the response is going to be provided by the Organizing committee jury. The decision is going to be taken as soon as possible. The decision has is no appeal. It is not going to be possible to appeal to the decision; it is going to be final.

Any complaints about irregularities at the trail must be made in writing and with supporting documentation (photo material, or at least three witnesses)

The jury is composed of:

  • Head of the organising committee of the event
  • Technical director
  • Head of the checkpoint or refreshment stations, depending on individual complaint
  • Other persons considered to be competent in a particular dispute or complaint (appointed by the leader of the competition)

The final version of the manual is going to be published on the website one day before the match.

Technical guidance is going also be made before the start … (and / or the Friday night before the lecture)