The nature, trails and views are breathtaking  it was the perfect choice for my 1st 100 miler. Also organized very well and the volunteers were very helpful as well.

Andraž Renko, Slovenia

Emperor, 100 miles

A couple of days ago, 100km was just a number in my head… Thanks to YOU, dear volunteers and organizers, it is now the most testing activity I’ve done in my life. You were so friendly, kind and helpful along the course. Words are powerless to express my gratitude.

Perfect marking, amazing nature, technical race (at least for me).

Come on people, try it!

Kata Kertész, Hungary

Centurion, 100km

One of the best events and races where i have been and done it ) happy, kind and very nice people all around  … Thank you so much and hope we will come again next year  I think, I can say this from all of us from Czech Republic and Slovakia crew 

[In May 2018, Petra went to Slovenia to run on UTVV. There she met her husband and they got married 11 months later.]

Petra Curinova (Czech Republic)

Gladiator, 50km

From the day I entered in South Africa, Bostjan was available to communicate via telephone regarding payment options, all went smoothly, registration was festive as well as the start of the 52km. The route was technical, but do able, I will even brave Nanos again, but o my word that last 2kms! I would have loved that to be a gravel road. Having said all that, I will be back next year in a heart beat and this time with hiking poles.

Maruanda Wynne (South Africa)

Gladiator, 50km

Thank you for this amazing event; the organisation was excellent and the staff was very friendly and professional. I loved my experience.
You guys rock!!!

Tisa Bocun (Canada)

Legionar, 30km

The people, the nature with the beautiful trails, the organization with their volunteers…. they create an unique atmosphere during the whole event..!
Love to go back again ❤️
Thanks and greetings!

Chris Van Beem, Holland

Emperor, 100 miles

Awesome race, awesome places, the nature, the mountains… so everything. The UTVV staff were also amazing. Thanks for the smiles 

Timi Losonc, Hungary

Centurion, 100km (2019 winner)

I ran the 50k as my first ultra and I couldn’t ask for a better race for it to be my first. The organisation of the race was one of if not the best I’ve seen, all the way from buying entry to post race. The volunteers were great – from the Roman soldiers and cheer leaders to all the people manning the aid stations made the experience even better. In terms of the 50k route, it was a beautiful route, consisting of mostly trails with some road. Big thanks to everyone that contributed to making it a great race!

Jack Edward Lancefield (United Kindom)

Gladiator, 50km

When I accidentally stumbled upon the promotional video, I knew it was a race I wanted to do. I’ve visited Slovenia a number of times in the past, and I thought this would be a cool way to experience this beautiful region.

I was not let down! I throughly enjoyed the race, it was well organized, well marked beautiful course, fantastic volunteers! I experienced so much kindness and beauty!

When I was on top of Nanos, I had to stop for a few minutes as I was in total awe!

I didn’t end up “racing”, instead, I took my sweet time and took lots of photos that will remind me of wonderful memories. I would most definitely recommend this race to any of my friends! From the bottom of my heart, all I can say is hvala, hvala, hvala!

Agnes Jung (Canada)

Gladiator, 50km

What a great race!
My girlfriend and I ran the 25K and had a wonderful time. The course is challenging but very well marked and offers great views. There are plenty of aid stations with a good variety of drinks and snacks.
To top it all off, we got a bottle of wine and a t-shirt when we picked up our race packets.
I would definitely run this race again.

Andrej Zalar, SLO

Legionar, 30km

Super well organized! Lots of restore points, beautiful landscapes. The 106km race goes through muontains, valleys, wine yards, on single tracks and just a minimum part on tarmac, great volunteers cheering you up calling your name! Do it!!

Marco Parise, Italia

Centurion, 100km

Excellent and highly recommended trail race! The scenery is gorgeous, the volunteers were very kind and helpful, the food was varied and often homemade (the cakes and Nutella crepes were 👌), and I enjoyed the best massages at the halfway point and the end. There are showers & a sleeping room at the finish. Easily accessible from Ljubljana (bus from main bus station) or Trieste.

Paige Morrow, United Kindom

Centurion, 100km

I would like to thank all the people on the aid stations and the organizer. This was one of the best organized races I did. Good marking of the track, friendly people all over, helpful, the food on the stations perfect. I could really enjoy the race. Thank you!

Martina Kirschner-Trimmel (Austria)

Gladiator, 50km - 2017 - 2nd place

No doubt that Vipava Ultra was an amazing race on the paper and that was matched 100% by reality! With a group of 8 we travelled from Switzerland and in 2019 we will be back with a larger group! Our compliments to Bostian (race director) and its team! A special thanks to Slovenian People for caring so much about their beautiful Homeland! Thanks to all supporters along the race track! Nothing to complain about… a race that will grow up very fast and happy to have it s partner event! GREAT JOB. Hvala. Aaron Rezzonico, Organizer of Scenic Trail Switzerland.

Aaron Rezzonico (Switzerland) - Race Director at Scenic Trail

Legionar, 30km

Nice trails and scenery, perfectly marked course, it was a pleasure to run the 30k yesterday!

Barbara Conrad (Switzerland)

Legionar, 30km