1. Unfortunately, I can no longer participate in the race and I have to cancel it. What can I do?

Please refer to the “NON PARTICIPATION AND REFUND” section of the Rules and registrations.  (https://ultratrail.si/rules-and-registration/

2. Due to an injury I can no longer participate at the race. Can I postpone the registration to next year?

Yes you can, with the additional fee of 25% of the registration price and you will also be asked to provide a medical certificate/proof.

3. I signed up for a race but I would like to change and move on to a longer/shorter distance. How to do it?

Until April 14, it is possible to change the distance with no additional fees. If you change to a longer distance, you will have to pay the difference. If you change to a shorter distance, a refund of the difference will not be possible.
From April 15 – April 21 the change is possible but with the additional fee of 15€.

After 21.04.2023 no changes can be made. In an emergency, the change can exceptionally be made on the day of the event, at the BIB number pick up area at the Race timing system provider. In that case the price is also 15€.

Surcharge must be paid to:

Alpe Adria Adventurers d.o.o.
Gozd 4,
5273 Col
IBAN: SI56 1010 0005 7006 992

Swift:  BAKOSI2X


4. I signed up for a race but I would like to transfer my registration to another runner. Is that possible?

Transfer of the registration is possible on the following link,  until 23.04.2023. You will need your registration code and your email address.


It is also possible on the day of the event, but with written permission of the BIB owner. In that case, you will also have to pay additional 15€ fee. 

6. What are the registration deadlines?

Registration deadline for each distance can be seen under section ENTRY FEES.

7. Additional registrations - overdue registrations

Registrations for 15km and 11km close on the day of the event.

8. Where can I find the entry list?

On our website under the “Registered runners” section of the Races: https://ultratrail.si/registered-runners/

9. Do you need a medical certificate to participate at the UTVV races?

No, in Slovenia no medical certificate is required to take part in a trail. On the other hand, races require good physical conditions, specific preparation and good mountain skills, at Emperor and Centurion races in particular.

10. What time can I pick up my BIB number?

FRIDAY, MAY 5 – BIBs pickups (UTVV170/100/50/30)

08:00 – 22:00 in Zavod za šport Ajdovščina (Cesta 5 Maja 14, 5270 Ajdovščina)

SATURDAY, MAY 6 – BIBs pickups (UTVV 50/30/15/11)

05:00 – 15:00 in Zavod za šport Ajdovščina (Cesta 5 Maja 14, 5270 Ajdovščina)

11. Can I ask a friend to pick up my BIB number for me?

No, you must come pick up your BIB number yourself because you will also have to sign the Statement of responsibility.

11a. Where can I do bank deposit?

Bank account:

Alpe Adria Adventurers d.o.o.

Gozd 4,

5273 Col


IBAN: SI56 1010 0005 7006 992


Reference: SI99


12. Where can I find the precise location of the refreshment points ?

On our page (https://ultratrail.si/) under section Races, you have information for each distance. For location of the refreshment points please refer to “TIME LIMITS” under chosen distance.

13. Do you provide food for people experiencing food allergies? Gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.

In general our refreshment points will provide water, energy drinks, soup (hot), chocolate, fruit, light food, bread etc.

At the refreshment point Rence, Preserje and Podnanos, there will also be a hot meal – pasta (meat/vegan) available for 170/100km runners.

At the finish line, there will be a hot meal as well (meat/vegan/gluten free).

14. How long can we stay at the refreshment points?

There is no time limit in the refreshment points, but pay attention to time barriers!

15. Is there a possibility to charge watches, phones at the refreshment stations of the 170/100km race?

Electricity is provided at the refreshment stations. You only need to have your own cables and adaptors. Also it is highly recommended to minimize the use of your telephone during the race, deactivate all the unnecessary options such as Bluetooth and 3G.

16. Will you be able to sleep at the refreshment points?

Yes, beds will be available on site at Otlica, Renče and Preserje.


17. I want to assist a runner during the race, how can I proceed?

You can assist them ONLY at the official refreshing stations. Assistance is tolerated. We rely on your fair play and your environmental conscience while organizing your trips. 

Apart from the points mentioned above, any other form of assistance is strictly forbidden. Any assistance will be equated with cheating. Using support between stations brings you a +1 hour penalty.

18. Will there be a follower race guide?

There will be a race guide, containing “How to follow” information as well, It will be available at the end of April on the website.

19. Are the refreshing points accessible by car?

All the refreshing points are accessible by car, some of them with additional 5-15min walks. EXCEPT refreshing point Mala Gora, which is not accessible by car.

20. Will it be possible to follow the races live?

Yes, there will be GPS live tracking and live stream.

21. Will the runners be geolocated?

Yes, all runners of the 170/100km race will be geolocated. This service will not be available for other races.


22. Where can I download the “.gpx” files of the course?

You can download the “.gpx”  files on our page under sections Races – separately for each distance.

Please note that the courses can be adapted at any time…

23. Is the route marked?

Yes, all courses are marked. They are essentially marked with marking flags, some wooden posts, not many ground markings. The marking flags are equipped with reflectors for the night.

24. What are the time limits?

Time limits are displayed at description of each race. 

25. What time do the races start?

Race starts are displayed at description of each race. 


Every runner must have their own reusable cup

26. Is the obligatory equipment really obligatory?

Yes. You must have all your obligatory equipment on you or in your pack throughout the entire race.

27. Where can I find the list of the obligatory equipment?

You  can find the list under section Races, for each distance separately, under the “INFORMATION” part.  Every runner must have a reusable cup as there will be no cups at refreshing points.

28. Will the obligatory equipment be checked? If so, when?

The obligatory equipment will be checked at the race-bib distribution, it may also be checked during the race. It is your responsibility to keep it all with you, throughout the entire race.

29. What do I risk if I do not have my obligatory equipment with me?

The equipment checkers are present at the start of the races and at various points along the race routes. It could be verified at any time if the runner has all the obligatory equipment. Each runner must have and must show the obligatory equipment, if asked to do so. Penalty for incomplete obligatory equipment is +0,5 hour for every missing part. If you do not show the equipment, you are disqualified. 


30. What is the best way to get to Vipava from Ljubljana Airport?
31. Are there any taxi services/shuttles in Vipava and surroundings?
        32. How do I get to the start of the 60km, 100km, 100miles race?

        All races start in Ajdovščina, near BIB pick up, within a walking range.

              33. Is there any transport for my extra equipment during the race?


              Yes, you will get the transition bags at BIB pick up and they will be marked with your race number.  Its volume is min. 50 liters. You can drop off your transition bags at the Registration area or at the Start. From there, we will take care of them.
              The transition bags will then wait for you at the transition stations.  Look under each race where are transition stations. 


                    34. Is the accommodation the day before the starting of the 170k / 100k included?

                    No, you have to book and pay for this accommodation yourself.

                    35. Can you recommend any of the accommodation, where to stay?

                    You can get this information on our page under the section Hospitality.

                    36. Is there a campsite?

                    Campsites in Vipava and surroundings.

                    • Kamp Vrhpolje,  Vrhpolje 42, 5271 Vipava t: +386 (0)5 366 53 05, m: +386 (0)41 387   514,   email: kampvrhpolje@gmail.com



                    37. Where to park in Ajdovščina

                    Parking lots intended for the UTVV will be marked. You can also use parking lots in close proximity.


                    38. How big is the transition bag?

                    Two transition bags of min.50L will be provided for the 170/100km runners. For the 50km runners, one bag of min.50L will be provided.

                    39. Where can I find rules and regulations?

                    Click here for Rules and regulations.

                    40. Are running poles allowed on the UTVV trail?

                    Yes, poles are allowed on all courses and are even highly recommended. If you choose to run with poles, you must keep them with you throughout the race.

                    41. Do I receive ITRA points by completing one of the UTVV races?

                    We do reward ITRA points for the following races. The races are part of some other cups as well.

                    Emperor – 170km:     

                    •  6 ITRA points 
                    • qualifying race for WSER100 – 2024
                    • AATC ULTRA – XL
                    • UTMB WORLD SERIES QUALIFIER

                    Centurion- 100km: 

                    • 5 ITRA points
                    • qualifying race for WSER100 – 2024
                    • AATC ULTRA – L
                    • UTMB WORLD SERIES QUALIFIER

                    Gladiator – 50km: 

                    • 3 ITRA points
                    • AATC TRAIL – M
                    • UTMB WORLD SERIES QUALIFIER

                    Legionar AL!VE – 30km:

                    • 2 ITRA points
                    • AATC TRAIL – S
                    • UTMB WORLD SERIES QUALIFIER


                    The Asterix and Castra City Run does not qualify for any other races, also you do not get ITRA points.

                    Obelix is a non competitive race.

                    42. Can we benefit from ITRA points even if we give up?

                    In the event of voluntary give up, no points will be awarded. On the other hand, if the race is interrupted, you will be awarded points according to a new evaluation of the race.

                    43. What is the number to call in case of emergency?

                    The number for the EMERGENCY PHONE is +386 30 290 089. It will also be  written on your race-bib.

                    44. Will there be hot showers at the finish line?

                    Yes, hot showers will be available in close proximity. 

                    45. What to do when in Vipava valley?

                    Participate at one of the UTVV races, of course! 🙂 

                    For more ideas and information please visit Vipava valley website https://www.vipavskadolina.si/