UTVV talks – Pau Capell #1

Written by: UTVV
February 1, 2021

Pau Capell, champion of the UTWT 2018 and UTMB 2019!

You are now already a Spanish and also a World legend of trail running and one of the best long trail athletes in the world! What is your main motivation to achieve such great results in trail running?

My motivation is always the same: enjoy when I am training and do my best when I am compiting. For sure you need to enjoy for do your 100%. It is not a secret, when you enjoy you can do your best.

Are you a very competitive runner or is it something else that enables you to be constantly the best in last years?

I am very competitive. When I was young I wanted to win in ever sport that I compited, that’s why I try to do my best when I am running. It’s innate.

What is your formula to be such a great athlete?

The formula is train, train and train. My training is not run (only), it’s more than this. Nutrition, physio, mental strategy, training (for sure) and try to be motivated when you are in the start line.

What inspires you for running? What is your advice to Slovenian trail runners?

If I should give you an advice, I would like to say that it’s not better the runner that run more km’s, the best runner is the ones that enjoys running any distance. My inspiration, when I am sad or tired, is the lucky that we have when we can run because some people would like to do it and can’t do it unfortunately.

How many races you do per year?

Depend the year, but last year I run 12 races (5 top races)

What is your strategy in the race?

Ever race is different, so the strategy is different in ever race

How do you prepare for next season 2020 and also for UTVV2020?

Race by race. This is my strategy for my calendar. Ever race is different, that’s why I try to focus in the next race and try to train for that.

Have you ever been to Slovenia?

I have never been in Slovenia, that’s why I want to come and know about your culture, food and mountains.

Do you also do other sports? What do they mean to you?

I think the diversity is the most important thing to improve, that’s why I traing cycling, gym, ski mountaneering, and others.

We appreciate you sharing your experiences with us. See you in May at UTVV2020 in Slovenia!