Jason Pecoraro #4

Written by: UTVV
February 4, 2021

Jason Pecoraro will be on start line of UTVV Slovenia 2021 on Emperor – 160km.
He answered a few of our question on his view on trail running.

I started running in 1996,to build stamina and speed, to keep up with the younger guys on the soccer (sorry…Football) pitch. Then after a couple small races, I moved up to the marathon distance.

I do not have a training program (though I did in 2019), I just build up miles and hope for the best. Even though, that strategy doesn’t really work out in my favor that often. Lol

I am a weather person, meaning…if there is weather, I will run in it!! I personally like it storming and cold; maybe I like being miserable or something. So rolling hills and mountains with rain, sleet and snow.

As far as landscape goes, I love it all. Being from California, we don’t have medieval towns, gothic cathedrals or cobblestone streets. So I quite enjoy running through European cities and towns. But on the other hand, I just dig being out in nature. Put me on a coastline, up some mountain peak, in a rugged desert, in grasslands or mired in a boggy swamp with some other wierdos…..Heaven On Earth.