Maude Mathys #12

Written by: UTVV
May 14, 2021

First name and last name: Maude Mathys
Country: Switzerland⁣
Age: 34⁣
Residence: Ollon⁣
Running Club: Salomon⁣
FB / IG Profile: maudemathys⁣
ITRA: Women no 1, 813 points⁣

Anja: I know you as the best female trail runner in the world and I also know you as a mother. And those two things are very difficult to combine and you did that in excellent way. As we are trying very hard to promote trail running and especially women’s activities, I would appreciate it if you could take some of your precious time to do the interview with us. The organization of women has to be very good. Still, we want to tell others women that it can be done and you are a great example of that.⁣

When did you start running and did you start at a professional level?⁣
I start running with my husband in 2015 and became professional since 2018 (but stopped my job of nurse in 2021)⁣

How do you train, do you have a training system?⁣
Maybe you can tell us some important tips? I have a coach since 2017. I train mostly in the morning and I manage with the family (see the document joined)⁣

How did you start running / or what motivated you to become also an ultra-runner?⁣
With my husband (but I did Track and field between 1996 and 2015). I like endurance sports.⁣

Have you ever been to Slovenia?
Yes I’ve been in Slovenia and it’s a great memory because I won European championship there! It was in 2017.⁣

What is it like to be a full-time athlete? Has it changed in recent years as trail running has become more popular?⁣
It’s a big chance to be a professional because I have time to train, to recover and especially to be present for the family. Yes, I think media talk more about trail running and consequently sponsors are happier!⁣

You once wrote, “I can train almost as much as I want, and I can be there for my family. ” Many women and mothers struggle with how to organize their schedules, dedicate time to work and kids, and run a mile for themselves at the same time. Can you tell us how you manage to balance running and family?
First, it’s easier for me because I don’t work beside sport. So either I train, either I take care of my family. But some trainings can be a play with children. For example: “muscular enhancement” at home or in a playground and children can do with you or to play next to you or climb on you, jump over you,… I often trained with my child on my back (walk uphill) and for the downhill, we took the bus after a little walking or moment in playground. Or also running with the buggy when the child was sleeping (or not) and I always finished my run in a playground. I often run early in the morning on a treadmill when they are still asleep. Another tip… the week-end, when we decide to go somewhere, I try to join them by bike or running, so they don’t have to wait for me to leave.⁣

Can you tell us what your successes mean to you because you once wrote: ” I want to achieve a good time for myself first and foremost, I don’t place as much importance on ranking as I do on my experience. “⁣
I don’t remember saying this! 😉 the ranking is important for me but I’m even more proud and happy if my race management was good, if I trained hard to achieve this result.⁣

What drives you forward and what have you learned from your experiences?⁣
My motivation is to improve myself further and further, and to be able to be professional as long as possible. Another motivation is to stay healthy and fit. What I the most learned with experience is to take time to recovery and to do mobility/stretching exercises and not to do too much competitions.⁣

We know you are an excellent inspiration to women as well as mothers. We would love if you could share some motivational words or quotes that motivate women and especially mothers to run.⁣

To do exercises….to share a moment “gym-play” with your children⁣
Running…To meet and to talk with others mothers during a footing together with the buggy⁣
Running…to stay fit and to be able to eat small pleasures 😊⁣
Running or (use soft mobility to get around) to show example!