UTVV is part of the Europe Trail Cup 2024

Written by: UTVV
January 26, 2024

Exciting Announcement!

Europe Trail Cup 2024 – Embracing New Horizons

Dear Trail Runners!

As we gear up for the upcoming trail running season,
we’re thrilled to be once again part of the Europe Trail Cup 2024,
a trail running league that has evolved from the Alpe Adria Trail Cup.

The new Europe Trail Cup league has some exciting updates to share with all of us.

New Horizons

In their continuous pursuit of growth and inclusivity, they are announcing that Slovakia and Serbia have joined the Europe Trail Cup community,
expanding their horizons beyond the Alpe-Adriatic region.
The league proudly unites trail-running enthusiasts from Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Macedonia.

League Evolution

The Europe Trail Cup is not just a series of races; it’s a celebration of diverse trail-running communities coming together.
We encourage you to spread the word and share the excitement with your fellow warriors, family, and friends.

Save the Dates

Mark your calendars for the exhilarating races lined up for the Europe Trail Cup 2024:

Lace-up, embrace the challenge and let the adventure begin!