Meet Our Volunteers Partner Primorska hranilnica d. d.

Written by: UTVV
March 28, 2024

Dear UTVV volunteers,

We are excited to announce that the Vipava Valley Ultra Trail is just one month away.

We have been organizing this event for the past 9 years with your incredible dedication, drive and creativity.
Your help is essential to the success of the trail running agreement, which expects over 2,000 runners from 40 countries this April.
Your aid stations are always beyond what runners expect, and your mutual cooperation, creativity, ingenuity, and support for runners represent an unforgettable experience.
You offer a real oasis where runners can take a break from their efforts, hardships, and tired legs and be filled with your supportive energy and hospitality.
These are the moments when every bite, smile, and encouraging glance count, and we thank you for that.

During our meeting in January, we presented some exciting news and would like to highlight one that we are especially proud of.

We have partnered with Primorska hranilnica Vipava d.d., a local bank that is leading the way in flexible, affordable, and accessible banking services.
They are modernizing and digitizing their operations and expanding their offer to other areas, with professional, responsible, friendly, and dedicated employees who always listen to customers’ wishes and needs.
We are proud to have Primorska hranilnica as the patron of volunteers for the first time in the history of the event.

They have been awarded the BEST BANK 2023 certificate for providing the most favourable packages on the market, excellent interest rates for consumer loans, and extremely favourable business for associations, independent entrepreneurs, and companies.

We share common values such as trust in the local and wider community, respect for both the community and nature, persistence, courage and determination, honesty, and kindness.

Primorska hranilnica is pleased to offer the following benefits to its volunteers and associations:

– A welcome package that includes 12 months of free account management.
– Consumer loans with an excellent interest rate and without approval costs.
– A welcome package for companies that includes 6 months of free management of a package account.

We are excited to begin this new collaboration and look forward to working together to make the event even more beautiful, bigger, and more magical.

Let the 9th edition of UTVV be a celebration of the stunning Vipava Valley, its paths, and breathtaking views.

UTVV team in cooperation with Primorska hranilnica