Martin Nytra #6

Written by: UTVV
11 februarja, 2021

Name and surname: Martin Nytra
Age: 30
Town where you live: Prague

Martin is elite ultra runner born in the Czech Republic.
Addicted to adventure and exploring new places to run. Also highly motivated to push body to the limits and fight about place on podium.
He will run 100 – Centurion on 6th edition UTVV Slovenia in 2021.

When did you start running and why?
I started with ultra running 6 years ago with one goal, to explore the most beautiful places on the planet in one push.

The most beautiful / fun running memory / experience…
The most beautiful moments were always on Madeira Island or in Chamonix where I can feel wild and unstoppable in exploring.

How do you train, do you have a training system?
I do have a coach and I have my training plan structured for 6 days of the week.

The ideal running distance?
My ideal distance is about 100k where I can push my body to the limits and still enjoy the scenery around me.

The ideal day to run is (where, with whom, how)?
I don’t believe in ideal days. Every day in the mountains is the most rewarding than anything else. Sometimes I prefer to run just by myself but on the other hand you can have more fun with friends.

The ideal day when you’re not running is?
Days without running cannot be classified as ideal only if you can go skiing or for a long ride on your bike.

What would I do if, through evolution, humans did not develop into runners?
Much like every human I am lazy too so maybe I would be a swimmer because the ocean is a different universe for me.

Favourite literature / film about running, training, nutrition, philosophy,…
I like all books from Kilian but my favorite book would be ‘I am here to win’ by Chris McCormack.

Have you already run on UTVV, what is your best memory? If not, what are you waiting for?
This year will be my first experience with UTVV, but I am really looking forward to meeting the trail community of Slovenia runners and being able to race with them on their home playground.

The best advice you ever got / can give to others…
Your skin is waterproof so don’t be afraid of the rain!


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