Gabriel Rueda⁣ #11

Written by: UTVV
March 25, 2021

Name and surname: Gabriel Rueda⁣
Nickname: sagarueda⁣
Age: 30⁣
Town where you live: Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina.⁣
ITRA: 857⁣

Santos Gabriel Rueda was born in a small town in the province of Salta in northern Argentina, at the heart of a working family. His mother has always been his greatest inspiration and very important during his childhood, encouraging him to always move forward and improve in life.⁣
He is a nuclear engineer graduated from Balseiro Institute, a prestigious Nuclear Institue in the city of San Carlos Bariloche in Río Negro, Argentina. His beginning in running was in 2012, aiming to improve health and strike a mental and physical balance. In that journey he found that running was much more than just an activity. With the help of his coach he improved his technique and started participating in small races, which rapidly made him go for more to reach the big leagues -with amazing results.⁣
Since then, he has never stopped running and represents proudly his country.⁣

When did you start running and why?⁣
I started my running career at 2012 when I was 21 years old, because in that time I was studying sixteen hour per day in my university. My diet was the worst. So I felt like a couch potato, and for sure I was overweight. One day I decided to run 10k, but after 2km I was really tired and I had to walk. I was really disappointed with myself then in those days I started to train to complete 10k. With the idea to show myself that I can do that. Three weeks later I did a podium in 10k race in Bariloche, my town.⁣

The most beautiful / fun running memory / experience…⁣
For me the most beautiful scenario to run is the mountains from Patagonia, because the trails here are very wild, techinical and few people walks here, so you can feel the loneliness.⁣

How do you train, do you have a training system?⁣
Well it depend on the month of the season, usually in summer I train six days per week, doing some series in the track, and some routes of trail especially in the weekend, I like to do a certain quantity of kilometer or altitud that my coach indicate me but I really enjoy when I run in a new place or in a new trail, without focus on how many kilometers I am doing. I like to connect diferent mountains for a non know trail.⁣

The ideal running distance?⁣
50K, because you can start early in the morning and also you can have your lunch at noon and taking your time with your friends or family the rest of the day. But in the other hand I love the ultra trails, especially over 100km, because you can feel something different in your body, something that only the people how run these distances know.⁣

The ideal day to run is (where, with whom, how)?⁣
I have a running Team here in my town and every Saturday we run in different mountains for me it’s perfect because I can run in an easy pace and share good moments with them. And after our train we usually eat togheter or we drink some beers, so Saturdays are perfect.⁣

The ideal day when you’re not running is?⁣
Monday, because I really love to prepare my week, I have to do my week calendar and its motivated for me to plan what can I do this week or what new adventure are coming.⁣

What would I do if you weren’t a runner?⁣
Well I would like to create a charity fundation to help poor children/teenager to improve their life to give them a motivation to live better. I think if we give them motivation to study and doing sport that would be better for our society.⁣
Well I am a Nuclear Enginer and I really love maths, science, programming… I think I would use my training hours to improve in some topics or subjects, like data science something that I really love… well I am doing this at this moment. But in an slowly pace, I know that my shape as a runner is now, in my next 5-8 years and my mind will be perfect to develop my Enginering career all my life.⁣

Favourite literature / film about running, training, nutrition, philosophy,…⁣
I like to watch the videos of utmb races… they are really inspire for me.⁣

The best advice you ever got / can give to others…
It is my first time in Slovenia, So I am waiting to know new people from this beautiful country, I am waiting for special moments in the middle of race, I prefer new unknown adventures there