Andreu Simon Aymerich #10

Written by: UTVV
March 16, 2021

Name and surname: ANDREU SIMON AYMERICH⁣
Age: 29⁣
Town where you live: COLLBATO⁣
ITRA: 892⁣

When did you start running and why?⁣
When I was 17 years old, doctor told me than I was diabetic. It caused me a lot of frustation and disappointment. Then, I started running and I discovered how trail running gave me freedom. I feel so good when I can chose, my way, my direction, my goal, my trail… it’s my opportunity to show than with diabetes is possible!⁣

The most beautiful / fun running memory / experience…⁣
I’m really enjoying it and it’s so hard it only takes a moment. Every day shared with friends and family while I was running it’s fun and beatiful. ⁣

How do you train, do you have a training system?⁣
I have a coach and he plans my season. We talk often to manage season and try to arribe in best performance. ⁣

The ideal running distance?⁣
I fell so good running marathons and I think than I can give my best during 6h-8h.⁣

The ideal day to run is (where, with whom, how)?⁣
My ideal time is to run in Montserrat, a mountain near my house. I train there alone, with my friends … it’s a beautiful place to improve my performance.⁣

The ideal day when you’re not running is?⁣
Rest at home, reading a book. ⁣

What would I do if you weren’t a runner?⁣
I would like be a fireman but in Catalunya, if you are diabetic you cannot be fireman… Now I’m working in tawn hall and it’s great!⁣

Favourite literature / film about running, training, nutrition, philosophy,…⁣
A book from Pep Mari, „Aprender de los campeones“⁣

Have you already run on UTVV, what is your best memory? If not, what are you waiting for?⁣
I’m very exited to run UTVV. This 2021 will be my first time in Slovenia and I’m very motivated to participate and discover a new trails!⁣

The best advice you ever got / can give to others…⁣
Just enjoy!