Ruth Croft #9

Written by: UTVV
March 10, 2021

First name and last name: Ruth Croft ⁣
Nickname: Crofty ⁣
Age: 32⁣
Residence: New Zealand ⁣
Running Club: adidas TERREX & Garmin⁣
ITRA points: 797⁣

Ruth gave us an amazing interview on International Women’s Day on 8/3 as an excellent inspiration to other women⁣

We’d love it if you could share some motivational words or quotes that motivate women to run:⁣

Don’t be bitter be better. ⁣
Lastly, I think that it is important that if a woman achieves something great, share her success and help elevate other women’s achievements and stories. ⁣

About Ruth:⁣
I am a born and bred Kiwi, studied in the US and then lived in Taiwan for 5 years. I now follow the sun and split my time between NZ and Europe for the trail running seasons. Apart from running full time I am also studying Naturopathy.⁣

When did you start running and did you start at a professional level?⁣
I started running in primary school. In NZ it is compulsory to do the school cross country, athletics meet etc, so that is how I got into it. ⁣

How do you train, do you have a training system? Maybe you can tell us some important tips?⁣
Jono Wyatt is my coach. Normally in the off season that is when I build the base, then as time goes on and I get closer to racing in Europe my training gets more specific depending on the races I am doing. Some tips would be to always build a strong foundation/base. Don’t be in too much of a rush to step up the distance and do longer ultras – enjoy the process. I believe some runners get caught up in wanting to run long all the time but forget that speed work can be beneficial and should not be overlooked. ⁣

How did you start running / or what motivated you to become an ultra-runner?⁣
When I moved to Taiwan I started getting into trail running as a way of traveling and discovering new places. I would pick races that excited and motivated me, for example the Mt Fuji Ascent in Japan, Mt Kinabalu Climbathon in Borneo, Malaysia, and Mt Everest Ultra in Nepal. After getting some good results it was just a progression from there. ⁣

Have you ever been to Slovenia? Do you know Ultra Trail Vipava Valley?⁣
No, I have never been there but I would love to one day. ⁣

What is it like to be a full time athlete? Has it changed in recent years as trail running has become more⁣
I also study on top of training. Yes, trail running has definitely become more popular and I believe the level keeps rising every year. I believe in the past you could afford to be more relaxed about what races you do but I believe now the competition is a lot higher so you have to really plan your season to get the best out of yourself. ⁣

You once wrote – comparison is the death of joy. Can you tell us what your successes mean to you?⁣
Men and women’s races are two different events and I believe it is important that we acknowledge women’s results as they are without comparing them to mens. ⁣

Do you have any other sports that you enjoy? What motivates you in life and what gives you the energy.⁣
I love mountain biking, road biking, hiking, spending time with friends and baking. ⁣