Martin Plačko #13

Written by: UTVV
February 28, 2022

        Us and run? When we started running, it was 13 years ago, we were one of the few ultra runners in Slovakia. Many people think that we are crazy but we love it.

          We run together, we spend a lot of time doing various sports. Our children are also led to sports. Our best s are connected with sport and also with our lovely children.

          We have normal work, run is just our hobby. Sometimes we haven’t got time for our run training because our work takes a lot of time.

          We love time which we can spend together. Moments when we are in mountains and nobody are anywhere and we hear only noise of nature, and we spend rare time together.

          We have a lot of amazing running memories, we can say our every running memories was full of fun with a lot of laugh and we enjoyed it to the fullest. We are so thankful for time we can spend together in hills. 

We look forward to the next running adventure in Vipava.