New timetable race start – UTVV 2022

Written by: UTVV
March 1, 2022

We are looking forward to seeing you in May in the Vipava Valley.

The UTVV team is already deeply in preparation for the 7th edition of UTVV Slovenia.

Because we want to improve the event every year and take into account your opinions and recommendations in the improvements, we took into account your suggestions regarding the start schedules of the longest races in the survey sent after the 6th edition.

We also want you to experience the most beautiful views over the Vipava Valley, so we changed the start of the races:

Emperor: 6.5.2022 at 15.00 (4h earlier as in 2021)

Centurion: 6.5.2022 at 23.00

Gladiator: 7.5.2022 at 7.30

Legionar: 7.5. 2022 at 10.15

Asterix: 7.5.2022 at 16.00

Obelix: 7.5.2022 at 10.30


We also prepared a slightly different track for Astrix, the same length and height meters, but with less asphalt and a more rural touch.

Check out the new route at: https://ultratrail.si/13-asterix/