3 Reasons Why UTVV

Written by: UTVV
August 23, 2023

As babies and later on, as toddlers and kids, we are all very curious. We always want to look at what is behind that curtain, how it feels like being under this chair or what we can see if we step on that rock. We are all explorers by nature.

In a relatively healthy environment, we are all praised for our development, which is a by-product of our curious nature. Regarding movement, our parents are bursting with pride when we start crawling, and they mark the day on a calendar when we learn to walk. But as soon as we begin to climb – which is only a natural step forward from walking, our caretakers start to fear possible injuries if we fall. Even though their concern is more than valid, if there are too many restrictions, threats, or fears, our passion for exploring gradually starts to dissipate.

At UTVV, we want to challenge you to reconnect with your innate desire for exploring. To go beyond your boundaries so that you can explore your potential.

UTVV takes place in a beautiful region of Vipava Valley, Slovenia, full of Roman history remains. On its territory, a famous Roman battle between the West Frankish commander Arbogast and the then-Roman emperor, Theodosius I., happened in 394. 

As we should all respect but also learn from our background, we do not challenge you to a war that brings suffering and despair.

Instead, we challenge you to find the warrior withinWe want you to commit and fight the biggest challenge of our time – complacency. We dare you to explore new trails and fight your own limits. We want you to go to the next level of experiencing the beautiful wonders of nature, a supporting community, and the depths of yourself. We challenge you to become bigger than running.

Committing to a new challenge like UTVV brings you a profound transformation of your body, mind and soul. It is a journey to the unknown places of yourself that you can only discover with a courageous heart and focused mind. 

A commitment like UTVV will require a great deal of resilience and overcoming the challenges you have never dared dream of. But it will reward you with a better knowledge of yourself, nature, and the people around you. It will help you live a more adventurous and fulfilling life.