3 Reasons Why Sign Up for UTVV Earlier

Written by: UTVV
November 24, 2023

As a runner, you already know motivation should never be underestimated. It helps you stick to the plan even when it’s cold, wet, or dark, and it would definitely be more pleasant to stay in a warm bed.
Nothing provides more motivation than signing up and circling the date on your calendar. It means commitment, focus and determination. It helps to prepare all parts of yourself for a new challenge.
It makes planning all the other aspects of your life easier and ensures you have enough time to train and stand at the starting line in peak physical condition.

Are you one of those runners who likes to procrastinate on certain things and postpone them until it’s (almost) too late? Unfortunately, we cannot ensure you will not be left out.
There is only a certain amount of entries available for a reason. To be completely honest, even the amount of accomodations in Vipava Valley is limited. So, don’t put it off!
Get yourself registered and let your mind focus on a challenge ahead.

The earlier, the better. The prices are always the cheapest at the beginning when we open the registrations and go slightly up after that. The sooner you sign up, the more you save.
We all want to enter more than just one race a year. And more saved money means more races! Yay!