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Febbraio 12, 2023

We are excited to announce our new rebrand. The whole team has been working relentlessly on the new UTVV brand image and brand story.

As you will see, we’ve completed a major overhaul that includes a new logo, new brand identity, new brand guidelines, a new tone of voice, and a new brand story with a new tagline which is Challenge Yourself.
Since our inception in 2015, we have grown to a major annual race that welcomes more than 1500 brave runners from 40 different countries globally.

That’s a huge milestone that we don’t take for granted.
Our main objective is to create an event that people truly enjoy, experience the rich history of Vipava Valley, and leave the event having experienced a new adventure and, in the process, become a slightly better version of themselves.
The story we created represents what we believe in, and what we stand for. Our goal is to challenge your boundaries so that you can explore your potential. Our dedicated crew and our compassionate community are what make our race incomparable.
We are inspired by people who start this journey, people who take on an adventure like this, and people that push their own limits.
Our new brand identity represents the high quality and the high standards we have in place when it comes to organizing the event. We take our runners’ safety very seriously. Every single detail, from our checkpoints to our technical finisher’s t-shirt, is well-planned and thought through.
That’s why for us, it’s very important that our visuals and our story represent the quality and the soul of the event. We didn’t just want a new modern, and fresh brand identity, our new identity shows what we stand for. It represents all our runners – our warriors that find the strength and courage to start and finish this journey.
For us, this is not just a race, this is not just a yearly event, for us, it’s an opportunity to challenge our minds, an opportunity to rewrite our future by deciding to challenge ourselves by doing a UTVV race.
When you challenge yourself, you don’t just challenge your physical strength, you challenge your mind, your body, and your soul. You become bigger than running, you become a different person. The person that crosses that finish line is a different person that started at Vipava Valley.
We hope that our new rebrand will help you find the warrior within you to take on this adventure and live a more fulfilling and adventurous life.
In the coming months, you will see exciting new things that we are going to roll out, and we all can’t wait here at Ajdovščina, Slovenia HQ.

To read and watch our story, you can follow this link.
To sign up for our event in May, follow this link.

Challenge Yourself – UTVV.

The brand story and the new brand identity were created by Way Boutique Agency.

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