Loris Farolfi #7

Written by: UTVV
22 februarja, 2021

Name and surname: Loris Farolfi

Nickname: FotoTrailRunning

Age: 48

Town where you live: Castel Bolognese

I’m Loris Farolfi, ultra trailer, for more than 10 years in the world of Trail Running. The mountains and nature are my second home and the pleasure of always discovering new trails and landscapes, leads me to travel to combine my passions: TRAIL RUNNING – PHOTOGRAPHY – TRAVEL. For several years I have been participating in races and I document them through my photos… to experience the race directly from inside. To stop the moments and the emotions that only Trail Running can give….This passion (which feeds itself daily) gives me the opportunity to visit fantastic places in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Greece.

When did you start running and why?

I started running 20 years ago and for more than 10 years I’m a trail runner too. So I combined my passion for the mountains and for the running… this is amazing!

I have a dream… run a race in every continent. 

The most beautiful / fun running memory / experience…

Trail Menorca Camì de Cavalls,  360 round trip race of the island of Menorca – Spain

Menorca is my second »home« and I love run overthere because there are uphill, strong downhill, trail close to the sea, mountain and above all I had my family with me to follow me on the race.

How do you train, do you have a training system?

I don’t have a training system. I train by my feeling. 

It’s difficult for me to follow specific training due to my job.

The ideal running distance?

For my own training maybe 30km. For the races I prefer 50Km or more.

The ideal day to run is (where, with whom, how)?

Sunday is the ideal day to run the long distances with other runners.

The ideal day when you’re not running is?

Saturday because it’s dedicated to my family and my other passions.

What would you do if you weren’t a runner?

Maybe a Tennis player.

Favourite literature / film about running, training, nutrition, philosophy,…

All the literature about mountains, life and adventure.

Have you already run on UTVV, what is your best memory?

It’s my first time!!!

The best advice you ever got / can give to others…

My best advice is running for fun and not only for the time.


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